The world of colour

The world of colours according to Per Benjamin.

This brand new book Per takes you on a journey of colour. In the past ten years, Per have developed his own colour theory.

This book is an educational-entertaining-inspirational book where his colour theory is explained in text, but above all presented in a very creative, visual ”hands-on” style in beautiful pictures and colour charts. The photos are a mixture of studio works, outdoor pieces and event designs and show both small and extra large arrangements. All of the pictures included illustrate how it is possible to extract colour tones from a material both in theory and in practice.

The book starts with Pers view on the history of colours, its use, meanings and emotions.  That is followed by the extensive educational chapter where every thing about his colour theory is explained.

This is a book for everyone who wants to challenge and develop their use of colours.



Technical details:

  • Author; Per Benjamin
  • Photography; Many great photographers
  • Language; English
  • Hardcover
  • 33×24,5 cm
  • 160 pages

Price: 850 sek exkl moms(6%) + delivery